catrionaka aka cat is a loyal woozen in the community who can come off a bit strong at first but will be your bestfriend to the very end. But if you get on her bad side she will not only get angry , but seek revenge for the people who caused her to boil. she usally comes on everyday but at certain times so shes not very famous. cat first started out at non vip than in nine months became vip. she fights for the cause of hacking because of her incident she got hacked.


she can be a bit hyperactive and mysterious but can have a great time, she shows akwardness around people she is being introduced to or people she just met. she is known to be very trustworthy unless you have made her very mad. when she is sorry it is hard for her to explain her feelings and just wants to help but when mayham strikes she starts getting cranky and will curse someone out or call out the flaws of a woozen, so i suggest watch out!.


some people call her the asian beauty of woozworld, others call her the asian godess and the mean ones call her a thundercunt. cat is very beautiful with black hair and light brown eyes. her skin is a perfect cream color with light rosy blush and light vouge pink lipstick. everytime she appears in a unitz a boy will pc her(sometimes rare).she is very thin and curvy at the bottom but dont get too attached because she wants a boyfriend who will except her for who she is.