IceQueen is an animator who arrived with ZackWooz to turn WoozWorld into FreezeWorld but failed. She was building a giant ice castle in one Unitz, while ZeenaWooz was building a giant snowman in another to stop her. During this period in 2013 you were able to choose a side and collect snowballs to help build these two structures. Some people believe that IceQueen actually got more supporters than ZeenaWooz and should have won. She has not returned since, but gave Woozworld the Ice Blocks as a way to remember her. She was rumored to date ZackWooz, but really only wanted him as a helper to increase her power. She returned briefly in 2015, this time against LoganWooz for Logan's Solstice. She is currently in a relationship with Jack Frost. She is seasonal and believed only to show up in the winter.