Character Information
Gender: Female
Status: Woozen
Friends: Friends:
Occupation: Welcomer
First Appearance: 2015
Preztige: 50

JaneNewbie is a girl who is introduced and welcomed by JayWooz in late March 2015. She is a recurring Woozband. As a way to make Woozworld a safer and nicer website, woozens can talk to her and teach her the rules of the site. After doing quizzes and quests, woozens can get titles and trophies to show their welcoming for Jane. She was well-adjusted by the end of a week on the site, but kept her username as is and stayed around to make sure woozens were being nice to their newer members. In September 2015, new Woozens were given more choices for outfits and customization when they joined, possibly inspired by Jane.