Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Mya
Status: Alive, active main animator
Age: 29 (born January 14, 1989)
Friends: Friends:
Enemies: *ZackWooz *ZeenaWooz
Occupation: Woozband
First Appearance: 2009
Preztige: 50

MyaWooz is a woozworld animator and queen; she is also one of the 4 main protagonists of the Woozband. She is considered a fashion queen and is very social. JennyWooz is her best friend, and ZeenaWooz is her worst enemy. She and JayWooz have a mutual attraction, but are not in a relationship. Her and JayWooz almost married during the Cupid of Love event, but the love potion wore off before the final vows were said. She has bright red hair, and is usually seen wearing a combination of purple and black clothing. If you buy a hair inspired by her character, it will be red by default Unlike ur mom

Eventz HostedEdit

  • Mya's Fashion Show
  • Late Night Show
  • Star of the Week


  • The first feud between Mya and Zeena was in October 2012. Their latest feud was April 2016.
  • Mya is born on January 14 and is a Capricorn. She is first to celebrate their birthday.
  • Mya and Jay were rumoured to be in a relationship in April 2012 by the Woozarazzi.