ShamWooz is a ghost from Woozworld's past and first appears as a villain from Woozwoodz Camp. There was a opening ceremony for the new WoozWorldZ Camp that opened 500 Years AGO when GoodOldWooz's great great great great grandfather made this camp! We were enjoying the part and the Woozband decided to open all the cabins. The teams were : Pegasuz (JennyWooz), Phoenixz (MyaWooz), Trollz (MaxWooz)and last, Dragonz (JayWooz)! You could click the teams, only one. Then, when JayWooz, JennyWooz, MaxWooz and MyaWooz, were chatting with their fans, a ghost appeared there! He keep saying "Go away in these trees!" And, "Leave this place!!" over again and that made the animators and woozens scared! His name was ShamWooz, you can see his picture in right. he was been a member for 500 years! While Woozworld has only been open since 2009, many theories are said about his past. Little is known about his past and has never been seen alive, but it is known that he is evil and at least 500 years old. It is unknown how he died or how old he was at the time of his death, as Woozband are known to be ageless.