A unitz is a virtual room owned by Woozens. When joining Woozworld, you may get a free unit that you choose. Unitz are sold in the Shopz for Beex or Wooz. They range from 1000 to 3000 in Beex, and 60 to 360 in Wooz, at the moment. Special unitz, which are sold during the holidays such as Christmas, and Halloween are also sold in the Shopz during the time of the holiday. They are also sold in either Wooz or Beex. Unfortunately, unitz cannot be gifted, and are not transferable to trade to other people, they are your own. Unitz can be deleted if you choose to delete it, to delete a unit you must click on the blue person standing on the square, which is "My World" and hover over the unit you wish to delete and on the top right corner is a trash can, you may click that and a confirmation box will appear asking if you want to delete your unit. Unitz are unlimited, which means you can own however much you want. In the past, Unitz could be won on the Woozworld Spin, but stopped in the further updates.