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A VIP status is what your woozen will get if you subscribe to woozworld or purchase a VIP account. The prices range from ninety-nine cents to thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, and the amount of time you stay a VIP. Now, they also have a choice to equip a yellow speech bubble and a yellow profile. VIPs skip to the front of queue and get 60 wooz everyday. They also get access to exclusive UnitZ and items in Shopz. As well, they don't have to be a certain Prestige to wear items. In 2015, they were given free gifts every month that they stay VIP.


In October 2012, there were some "New VIP Benefits". But instead of improving things for VIPs, the Woozworld staff were taking rights from non-VIPs. Only VIPs were allowed to color items, post on Woozband Wallz, and make their own Eventz. Woozens started a "blackout" on October 26th of that year which was a movement where no woozens got on Woozworld for that day. Eventually as a result, the VIP restrictions were taken away although they left the VIP benefit of WoozIn wallpapers.

Starting in 2014, Woozens were upset that Woozband Eventz such as Jay's Freestyle Cafe and the Map Game were given VIP restrictions. Woozband has gone back and forth with these restrictions but never gave a conclusion or talked about why it was happening.

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