Woozarazzi is a paparazzi reporter, he reports his photos in the WoozPaper which are usually false or misinterpreted. He refers to the animators as stars. Before LilyWooz was in Woozband, he made all the special breaking news reports until Woozens found him unreliable. Lily was originally just reporting on actual celebrities but became the new Woozworld reporter. He hasn't made many returns due to his weird vibe. Many of his newer reports are true, but very exaggerated.


His first appearance was on April Fool's Day 2012 when he falsely reported that MyaWooz and JayWooz were secretly dating for 6 months, starting in October. The next day it was shown to be an April Fool's joke. Mya and Jay purposely fooled him, although they meant no harm and wanted to clear the rumor of them ever dating.

He returned again to tell more fake stories that year such as Mya and Jay marrying, Jenny and Max splitting (in 2012, not 2014 where they actually split), and Mya leaving Woozband. After people knew he was tricking them, he decided to stick with interviews. He did one with ZeenaWooz in October 2012, and the interview truly showed Zeena as a conceited and annoying person.

Most news was made in 2012. He hasn't made many reports since LilyWooz replaced him, but occasionally goes on to make a story. In September 2015, he was involved in a brief controversy when he replaced ZackWooz in Truth or Tale after he was killed. Since Woozarazzi never reported the death and replaced him in his own game, people were convinced that Woozarazzi conspired with Zeena to kill Zack. The controversy faded and Woozarazzi was shown to have no part in Zack's death after his revival in 2016.

He is settled a debate between MyaWooz and JayWooz in 2016 following their fashion Face-Off. In October 2016, he made a rumor about werewolves in Central Plaza, even though it was just a Symbz effect. As of 2017, he has an Eventz where he goes into Unitz and takes pictures of the most stylish Woozens for the month, then posts his favorites on WoozIn. In 2018, he shows possible evidence that Max and Jenny are planning to get back together and apparently they ended up getting married again.