Character Information
Also known as: Zack, Zackary, KountVonKlokz (until 2015)
Status: Deceased antihero
Age: died age 25 (October 4, 1989-July 31, 2015)
Friends: JennyWooz
Enemies: MaxWooz
Occupation: Animator (formerly)
First Appearance: 2011
Preztige: 50

ZackWooz (aka KountVonKlokz, from December 2011-February 2015) is one of the Woozband members and the ex-boyfriend of current animator, JennyWooz. His first name is confirmed to be Zackary, by Jenny. As KountVonKlokz he is purely evil but in 2015, he went from a villain to an antihero. He has also dated Zeenawooz, but they broke up. He is currently dating nobody. He made his final living appearance in June 2015, but appeared as a ghost in April 2016 as a blast from the past.

Eventz HostedEdit


Zack is believed to be the most developed of the Woozband at the time he lived. He was born good but was cursed to be evil after his exposure to TechnoZ. He and Zeena paired up as evils until he broke up with Zeena, changing alignments from villain to antihero. Although not considered a hero, he works with the main animators as the "bad boy with a soft side". He is mysterious and isolated, yet determined to redeem himself and win back Jenny, failing at the latter. While he never became evil again, he is much more bitter and rebellious than the other Woozband and would prefer to be alone since his rejection by her. He has a strong sense of what he does and doesn't want, even to the point of being killed by Zeena for refusing to align with her again and become a villain.


He has blonde hair and Moderate Cyan (#4BACC6) eyes. One of his eyes is often covered due to being injured. He is interested in royal and steampunk clothes.


  • The scar on his cheek and damaged eye was from his plane crash in 2011.
  • He had a pet ferret in 2012. However in his Woopetz, he only had an elephant.
  • He is the second dead Woozband after ShamWooz and the first to die within the series.